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Micro Slick Dry Film Lubricant Coating



Coating Serie: C Serie | Specialty Coating
Kleur Groep: Grey
Coating Cure: Air Cure
Temperatuur Beoordeling: Up to 645°C (1200°F)
Afwerkingen: Solid Tone
UV-Bestendigheid: Excellent

Speciale Attributen:


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Cerakote™ Micro Slick Dry Film Lubricant Coating is an ambient (air) cure coating that is blue/grey in appearance.

Cerakote™ Micro Slick is used to assist with friction areas and shedding of oil. It is used to reduce friction on a variety of internal engine components such as piston skirts, valve stems, cams, cranks, and the underside of valve covers. It is also used on firearm components, such as bolts, and bolt carriers.

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