Coating |  MagPul® Flat Dark Earth

MagPul® Flat Dark Earth



Coating Serie: H Serie
Kleur Groep: Brown
Coating Cure: Oven Cure
Temperatuur Beoordeling: Up to 260°C (500°F)
Afwerkingen: Solid Tone
UV-Bestendigheid: NVT

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Cerakote™ MagPul® Flat Dark Earth is a medium brown that is a shade darker than Flat Dark Earth (H-265). Notice: Flat Dark Earth (H-265) and MagPul® Flat Dark Earth (H-267) are very similar in color and in some cases H-265 may be a closer match to MagPul’s OEM Flat Dark Earth color. Please request a swatch to ensure color match.

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